What Choices Do You Make?

January 24, 2009

With my Granny (90) in Hospital and possible movement to a nursing home in the next few weeks and her Husband (my Grandad too) already in a Nursing home for the last 3 years at the age of nearly 96, a thought popped into my head. God has given us free will but we never know when we are going to die naturally. You can’t choose how we go and when we go.

Not to get very dark on the subject, my Mum has said to me she would like to just go when she is about 70 such that not to leave suffering on the family for treatment or for us children to look after her. With my Dad’s Parents now in the 90’s it looks like himself will be pushing onto that age also and possibly myself if I got the right genes.

We do have free will and choice of how we live our life but not how we enter this life or exit it. 

What are your thoughts???


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