Need, Desire, Want

January 26, 2009

Wants and Needs we have been told in Life are two separate meanings. Needs are those that we require to live and Wants are those that we require to more satisfy ourselves. But I think there could be a Third thing lurking in the background which is desire. This desire allows us to make middle of the road decision between a Need and a Want. For example, I desire a new car, its not a want as I know I won’t get it and not a need as I already have one.

This desire really captivates what the heart is after in Life and not just a fleeting moment which will be forgotten in a week or so which is what a want eventully becomes. Desires normally do come true as these things are those that you are willing to go after, blood, sweat and tears. There are so many things that people want in life and never get to do in life but a desire.

Yes everyones different in there needs, desires and wants which makes it difficult to actually sort out your own needs etc. but that makes all the more interest in life.


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