Time…While It Lasts

February 2, 2009

It has been a while since I blogged but this usually means I have been busy. The mundane of college work and the things that I normally don’t blog about in life happened.

I have this week in all got a puncture in the tyre of my car while traveling to Shannon meaning a fork out of €60 for a new tyre, lost a further 2 pounds in weight, attended the UCC Science Society Ball (pics to follow) as this year will be my final year in doing so, I have a job for the summer organized when I go to New York on my J1 and have started the second of my projects which now adds more onto my plate regarding things to do…

The time that I do spend doing critical study/research/assignments was very much negligable this week and as I look forward onto this week I feel that not much more time will be spent as of last week but will have to see. I do enjoy getting involved in this and that and allows breaks but when you get home for 7pm/8pm at night to have dinner you are not interested in starting any college work. There is only 7 weeks left in my degree which 3 and half years ago I was not thinking about whatsoever.


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