Snow Day

February 3, 2009


Today the snow came down on the city and county of Cork, it was a great sight to see. To hear the crunch beneath my feet gave me back childhood memories of times when it used to snow or the frozen crunch of me waking on the grass usually as I spelt out something when looked from above.


Today I walked as it snowed on the 3rd Day of the Spring months (1st day of Spring begins on the 20th/21st of March) and the taught of Global warming came. Global warming at first taught would mean warmer days but more irregular weather patterns is about right. This summer by all accounts is to be colder but I will hopefully be going to the USA as long as the embassy lets me. 

I have watched Charlie Bird’s Arctic Journey and was amazed by the effect we are having on this world. I would love to be able to visit the Arctic Circle some day. I would love there to be Polar Bears and plenty of snow and ice but I am afraid that it won’t be there.

As you read this at the finish/start your day I challenge you with this: Change one  light bulb at home to an energy efficient bulb or when you leave a room ensure to turn it off as you leave…simple but effective!!!


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