Where did it all go wrong???

February 5, 2009

Where did it all go wrong???

We all look back on our life  and when we do we would love to change certain events, mishaps or scenarios that have unfolded? Well I do anyways. I have always loved to change the many friends I have lost, times I never took the opportunity to do something that I obviously later regretted or the stupid things that I did do but then we would never gain the experience that if it may ever come up again we will not say no or avoid it but take the chance and ensure you enjoy every moment or deal with it differently. 

Life is short. The average of life is 66 which is surprisingly short when you compare that to the oldest person alive is turning 115 years old next month. But to get such an average means there must be some people with very short life. I would like to keep everyone happy or be able not to hurt others but somewhere down the line someone will be hurt and whatever you do it comes around and bites you on the ass.


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