Coming To An End…

March 27, 2009

4 Years of my degree course came to an end today T_T. Yes its both a joyous occasion but also a sad one thinking back on the amount of memories there have been over the years.

Thinking back to 1st Year is scary, remembering how excited I was being in College and the new world that I was in. Getting involved in societies and attending various events in College allowed me to settle in quickly like a duck in water. Thinking back, I would have done things differently but then again I may not be the same person I am now…but then again that could be a good thing. 2nd Year saw a real focus on Chemistry where 3rd Year focused on the Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical areas of the course and maintaing directed lab work. While 4th Year combined the Pharmaceutical, Chemistry and Pharmacological areas while introducing us to “independent” research and lab work.

The 4 years have gone by quickly and not have learned a lot of Science and hope that come May the years have paid off. With 80% of my degree mark is in 4th Year will push me this April to study harder but remain calmer and not stressed….will have to see if that will happen.

On June 1st I will be jetting off to New York for 3 months on a J1 which will be an adventure. With the last 4 years giving myself to College and all that is associated with it I hope to give these 3 months to relax, enjoy and get confident in myself which I feel I still lack. The prospects of jobs upon my return looks doubtful but have the possibility in doing a year of Masters if I don’t.


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