VdP Day/ Sleep Out

April 1, 2009

One of the many occasions I got up to over the last Month includes the VdP Day & Sleep Out.

UCC SVdP day took place on UCC campus on March 11th 2009. The day long activities were organised as a warm-up for our 12 hour sleepout which took place that night. During the day on UCC campus, a group of SVdP volunteers and friends donned yellow t-shirts which were designed especially for the occasion. A stand displaying our newly acquired SVdP banner as well as a plethora of posters was set up on campus. Leaflets and flyers containing information about our sleepout as well as a range of interesting homelessness facts were distributed to the student community at UCC. A range of sweets and lolly-pops were also given out. A bouncy castle was set up on campus which provided hours of fun entertainment! At 6 p.m. the comedy society so kindly performed a sketch on homelessness which was thoroughly enjoyable.

Following a fun-filled and active day on campus, a group of approximately thirty enthusiastic young people including our committee, volunteers and other UCC students gathered on Daunt Square (Grand Parade) for the sleepout. A group of five active Dublin SVdP students also joined us. Each individual arrived fully equipped with a sleeping bag and any necessary food supplies! The sleepout continued from 8p.m. until 6a.m. or there abouts. Our sleeping area was decorated by a range of imaginatively designed posters made from cardboard displaying slogans relating to homelessness. Such posters proved to be extremely effective in helping to increase public awareness of homelessness.

The primary aim of our homelessness campaign was to increase awareness of this escalating problem as opposed to fundraising. While so, a great number of people passing through the square donated generously to the cause. As a result of the generous donations, we decided to divide up into groups of three and to take food orders from any homeless individuals in the vicinity. We felt that as part of our campaign a direct contribution to the Cork homeless community would be most appropriate.


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