Getting Rid Of What We Have?!?!

April 19, 2009

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I have been thinking of this over the last few months and never got around to blog it so here is my chance.

As we go through life we seem to want what we don’t have and try to get rid of what we do…. This can be seen in having the latest gadgets or wanting more money or wanting that special one to spend the rest of our life with. Then there is the getting rid of what we have. We want to lose that extra weight we have, cut that hair that is growing to long on our heads and later on in life we try to get rid of the kids out of the house as they become adults. It strange or at most interesting that this happens… Your Thoughts???


One Response to “Getting Rid Of What We Have?!?!”

  1. Patman Says:

    I guess folks could lose their minds…. Some (Like myself) could do with getting rid of some of the junk there.. After all what we spend most time on or with , thus takes our valuable time away from God’s work…

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