May 17, 2009

I have tried a few times to write this post today and I really don’t know how to write it…

Friendships are meant to last a life time right??? When you are young you are in the playground and you want a friend you say to the person ” You’re my friend” and run off and play chase etc. When you get older you keep the true friendships that you make when you are in college as it gets very difficult to make new friendships when you are an adult. As you get older friendships fray, you lose connection and you wonder were you ever friends in the first place. I have lost friends over my 22 years on the earth, some of these friendships lasted 10 years and wonder what went wrong…In some cases, it can be more than just one person you break friendship with.

Yes I have over the last five/six years there have been two occasions in which I wanted to break that friendship but each time there was a gut wrenching/ skin pulling/cutting in my  soul that I never knew I would have felt in my life. When it is one person who makes the break, it is hard on them; when the people don’t make an effort  the friendship totally dies.


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