“Be Yourself”

May 18, 2009

Did you ever hear of the saying “Be Yourself”? If you probably were to act as yourself then you probably be asked to stop making a fool of yourself, stop messing or stop embarrassing yourself. It is funny that when you do act as yourself, people don’t like what they see.

True you are to be the same person around all people but I would think many people still change there actions and thoughts around different groups of people and I don’t you can change that. If you were to be yourself you would feel safe to do what you do at the moment in private, in public and not fear embarrassment or fear what people say. That would truly be being yourself.

The question is…If your are acting differently with different groups of people/friends, which one of these different personalities are you truly???


One Response to ““Be Yourself””

  1. stiofainod Says:

    Good question 🙂

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