J1 Experience – Day #1

June 3, 2009

I am finally here!! I type this in New York of all places!!! How strange is that? You would have thunk it, eh? (Wait thats Canadian speech)

With it being my first time on the other side of the barrier of Cork Airport (due to the many times I had to drop parents off or see friends fly off to far flung destinations), it was myself now in the driving seat. It was very pleasant with not spending a lot of time waiting around at Cork airport. We did see a Munster Rugby player though, Doug Howlett who was on the same flight as us which made us all a bit excited.

Landing in Heathrow and traveling to another terminal by the use of a train/subway system was crazy as it showed how big Heathrow is. Terminal 5 was huge, to say the least too and we had to get another train/subway to get to our gate. The plane unfortunately was a bit cramped but we survived the heat and cramped conditions of economy.

Customs and Immigration was a doddle in NY JFK and only asked for finger prints again really and not even asked to see cash brought etc. but then again our plane was probably the last before there shift ended. With baggage got, we were picked up at the airport and brought straight to the Beach Club  where we will be living for the next 3 months 😀 There were already about 12 people from Ireland who had arrived within the last two weeks and there are yet more to come over the next week also. With brief and chats to the people, we hit the hay where there is 3 to a room (single bed and bunk bed) where there is lockers, wardrobe and an A/C unit which requires an extension cable.


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