J1 Experience – Day #2

June 3, 2009

Despite going to bed at 1am I still managed to wake at 7am after being up  for nearly 22 hours which was a lot of lost sleep for me. After getting up and settling in to the room and place, we went to the office to sort out forms and then headed to Long Beach to organise our Bank Accounts and get our Social Security Numbers. The SSN unfortunately will take up to 3 – 4 weeks to get.

However, it was a day of exploration also as we couldn’t find the Bus stop to get to Long Beach though we knew we had passed it but were not quite sure and walked a good 30mins before stopping at a random shelter and hoping it was correct, which it was. It then required a couple of stopping of strangers and taxis to find the Social Security and Bank of America but with done we  got our mobile phone numbers and was all sorted with a very productive day done.

So with the paper work etc. done, we headed to Roosevelt Fields which has a large shopping mall and spent a couple of hours there but only bought a pillow which  was needed due to the flat of pillow we got on the bed here.  We however, caused a stir in most shops with Irish people being there and got great reception from them all. Getting back from Roosevelt Fields to Long Beach was both entertaining and scary with the different passengers on the bus, with looks and stares our way, then again we were laughing a lot.

We arrived back to the Beach club, wrecked but not too tired to have few drinks.

*I will add photos but really not in mood at the moment as I get over the Jet lag and settle in 😛


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