J1 Experience – Day #5

June 9, 2009

Today we were lucky enough not to start work till 3pm as we were doing work at a Wedding and I was designated to the Buffet, but had to help out in the dining room to pouring drinks too. Not having to start to work at 3pm allowed us to go to the beach in the morning. The water was freezing so only do a bit a paddling but was great to be able to go to the beach and relax but was crazy that we were so relaxed and still had to go to work.

Bright IdeaAt the wedding it was fairly busy with nearly 250 people to feed. It was a Buffet meal but strangely we had to serve them from the buffet line, my items were Manhattan Clam Chowder and also Ice Cream for dessert until my hand was sore from scooping it out and was put onto cake runner. We were allowed some wedding cake afterwards which was lovely. Food in fact here is pretty strange with extra sugar nearly in everything even the bread which is sickly sweet. Will have to start doing running over the next few days.


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