J1 Experience – Day #8

June 11, 2009

A week fully down and the extent of how long I will be here has hit me. I have had so much fun, laughs and adventure in this first week, it will be crazy that it has to last another 12 weeks. Not that I am complaining are anything but I am now in shock of the length of time it really is.

Today a group of us took Manhattan by storm. Leaving at 8:15 am from the Beach Club we didn’t reach Manhattan till 10:30am which required a bus and train journey to get there and shows how far out from city we are. Arriving in Penn Station I had to get Starbucks to start of the day. We headed towards Times Sq. which was amazing and took in the view of bright lights and flashing displays. In Time Sq. we payed a visit to the Toy Store Toys R Us which had a ferrist wheel in the store (do I have to say more!!). We were then lcuky enough to have seen the Naked Cowboy with whom the girls got photos with and said he was a bit of a perve but it was all fun.

Leaving Time Sq. we headed toward Central Park and stopping on many occasions to take in the sights of places like Rocafella Park, Radio City Music Hall, M&M Store, MTV Store and others. When we reached Central Park we laid down in the park with the city buildings towering over us and the sun beating down, it was amazing. As I lay there my parents rang and I think I made them jealous when I said where I was 😛 Leaving Central Park we headed to the Apple Store and 5th Ave. The Apple Store was pretty amazing especially the fact that they were filming outside it for a new movie Morning Glory and got to see Jeff Goldblum (Jurassic Park) who was there.

Heading down 5th Ave we saw many expensive shops such as Prada and Tiffany & Co. With not enough money to spend in these types of shops we took the subway to Ground Zero. Ground Zero was pretty eerie and was a bit sad as the last time I was there was August 2001 so it was strange not seeing them there but a construction site. There was a plaque on the Fire Station wall at WTC remembering those who died. Leaving WTC we went to Wall Street to see the NYSE building but as it was late we missed the closing bell. After this we headed back toward Time Sq. and had dinner there before getting the train back to the beach club.


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