J1 Experience – Catch Up

June 24, 2009

Yes, I have let my side down meaning to blog everyday about my J1 Experience and I have now missed the last 15 days which is a long time to not blog but with late nights, early mornings, great days and many mishaps I haven’t had time to blog. I am gonna try now and recap the two weeks I missed….

Day #10 & Day #11

There was work to be done around the Beach Club today to get ready for the weekend with parties and the terrace going to be open again so much of the work carried out was prep. work for these events. Being finshed early enough these two days allowed us to go to the beach and swim in the lovely atlantic ocean 😀 With not starting work at 3pm tomorrow allows me to hit the town of west long beach with many of the other house mates here and its great to get us all to go to the same spot.

Day #12

Working again in the dining room again today for a surprise party and with it being a Buffet style meal makes it much easier for everyone. However, it did mean working late into the night with being finished at 1am due to the fact that I started at 3pm, not too bad. This time around I worked on the floor which just means getting drinks and clearing tables, means I am a glorified bus boy :p

Day #13

13 is something of a coincidence today, not only is it the day number but it is also the amount of hours I had to work and my feet were aching by the end of it. There was two graduation parties on today with an hour or two break in between the two  which allowed us to prep for the next graduation party and get a bite to eat. It is very strange to book a room which can hold around 250 people and have a graduation party of only 70 people, just for family. It is more show of status than anything in the beach club.

Day #14

After a long day yesterday I didn’t have to start till 1pm on the Terrace but with after doing so many hours this weeks I finished at 4pm. This is so that everyone will get equal hours at this stage with hardly any work going around in the Beach club. It just meant that I could start my weekend earlier meaning hitting the pubs of long beach 😀

Day #15

Taking it easy today because of a special day tomorrow…SIX FLAGS!!!

Day #16

Yes, today we headed of early to Six Flags which took 2 hours to get to on our lovely yellow school bus but it was great craic and I have visited another state while here already with Six Flags being in New Jersey. We had 8 hours to get around to all the rides, the ones which I got on were:

  • King Da Ka….. has a hydraulic launch mechanism to 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds
  • El Toro…It is the third tallest (188 ft) and third fastest (70 mph) wooden roller coaster in the world
  • Bizarro…New Roller Coster to Six Flags
  • Batman…It features a first drop of 109 feet, 6 inches (33 meters) and reaches speeds of 50m/h (80 km/h)
  • Nitro…Nitro starts off with a 230 foot climb and then drops 215 feet at 68 degrees, reaching top speeds of 80 mph before shooting up a second 189-foot-tall hill and then diving down to the left through a 161 foot airtime hill

There were many other rides but these are the main rides there were very fast and very scary. It was a  great day out and with Coca Cola doing an offer for Six Flags with Buy One, Get One Free ticket with a Coca Cola can, which meant that we only had to pay $27 each and with a good price on the use of  the school bus, it was a great day 😀

Day #17

It was another day in the dining room with another graduation party this time for a class of 70 students aged 14 because they were going into high school. The parents were also present but in a different room, whom I had to look after meant the alcohol was flowing. It was so strange to see how innocent these students were, with them all dressed in white. I think if you had a bunch of 14 year old Irish  boy and girl students in a room together it would be very different!!!

Day #18 to Day #24 will soon follow…..


One Response to “J1 Experience – Catch Up”

  1. Doug Says:

    Great things are looking very good from what I can see. Enjoy

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