J1 Experience – Catch Up #2

July 4, 2009

Yes its another catch up, but with so much fun and hardly anytime to blog I think a weekly blog update is the best order of business.

Day  #18

Short day of work today which meant painting the kitchen doors which hadn’t seen a lick of paint in life forever. It was not fun at the end  being told it was an oil based paint and took much scrubbing to remove the paint on my hands 😦

Day #19

The day I have been dreading for like ages….results day!!! However, it turned out not as bad as I thought. Getting a 2.1 from my fourth year results which has been the same every year made me happy ^_^ and very much relieved as I can now enjoy my summer and can graduate with my class which is in September. The plan at the moment is to do the Masters of my course when I return in September also and getting a 2.1 should allow me to get a place easily.

Day #20

Long day today in the dining room with us doing the event which was the formal opening dinner of the club that was on and were told that we did amazingly and then staying around till close to 2am as we had to prepare for the Father’s Day brunch the following day!!!

Day #21

With some of the setup done for Father’s Day brunch done from last night and only getting 5 or 6 hours sleep we were glad of it. The day went well and getting a phone call from my Father saying he got his father’s day card too and opened, it was great that it reached in time also. Some were all glad also that once the brunch was over we got to home and enjoy our weekend espically the fact that weekend started 😀

Day #22

Headed to the beach today for a little dip in the ocean which was a bit warmer than other days 😀 The whole of the monkey house headed out also that night which meant great craic in the bars of Long Beach.

Day #23

Another day of chilling like Matt Dillon on Penicillin.

Day #24

Back in the Dining room today with our first shore dinner which offers Lobster or Steak. It was an alright night of serving food and great chance to prepare for A La Carte nights which offer a greater variety in what members can order from the menu.


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