J1 Experience – Catch #3

July 7, 2009

Day #25 + #26

In the Dining room for these two days which were a Wine Tasting and A La Carte nights respectively. Wine Tasting was a Seven set course meal along with SEVEN wines, one with each course which meant a crazy amount of polished glasses and very cluttered table with many oppettunites of broken glasses when we had to remove them from the table! Fortunately none were broken at the table but when brought into the kitchen and so many people around, one or two trays were knocked around. So many bottle of wines were drunk by members, they were well on their way half way through the night and fairly merry to say the least. A La Carte night meant taking orders from the menu which included Appatizers, soup and entrees, meaning it was like working in a proper restaurant and ensuring that the kitchen knew what was coming, when it was needed and exucution of it all was important to ensuring the members remained satisfied. Headed down to the beach this evening for a bit to relax and listen to the sea and the finale of the awesome thunderstorm that was taking place all evening while we were in the dining room.

Day #27

Worked the terrace restaurant today. Being able to do both Terrace and Dining room allows a greater experience of the whole club and able to get more hours under my belt but both are great fun in there own ways. To relax from the days work, we headed for the life guard tower and had a bit of home.

Day #28

Had  a strange day today working in the dining room with a baby shower brunch buffet event taking place. For specific reasons I have never been to a baby shower but this was nicely done. What I found strange was the fact that the mother- to-be opened up the presents in the centre of the room near the end of the event in front of everyone and those who were there looked on and everyone ooohhh’d and ahhhh’d. Very strange!!! Had to work into the evening also with a family buffet taking place which was poorly attened with the fact that the club has just opened and not many people knowing about certain events. It was nicely done and finshing up before 9pm meant that the night was still young ^_^

Day #29

Headed to the beach this morning to catch the rays and go for a little dip. Not only that but while in the sea I was taking out by a wave and my glasses were lost to Davy Jones’ Locker 😦 What better way to enjoy your four weeks in NY than to hit Manhatten at night!!! Leaving in the evening, we headed  into the city and having already booked a hostel we headed for that which was only around from the train station where we arrive, Penn Station. The hostel was grand and sharing a room with 6 others was a scary experience so one of the guys kept me company in the room. Myself and Micheal headed to an Irish pub near by while the girls put there face on and lone behold one of the bar tenders is from Armagh and the other from Youghal, Cork. Both have been her for six  years and both still had there Irish accents. With us all together we headed up to Times Square and went to the Mean Fiddler which is the place to be but with it being a Monday it was a bit quieter than normal. After  many antics, dancing we left and headed back to the hostel. Walking down the streets of NYC at 5am in the morning is some experience to behold but was also quieter than I expected. Leaving the Mean Fiddler I relised I had lost my phone, possibly during the Riverdance tune.

Day #30

With six other people staying in a room with you in a hostel meant people getting up at different times and broken sleep for the 5 hours that  I got. When all were up and ready to go, we headed to Central Park for a picnic with it being a lovely day outside. After that we headed back home to long beach and sleep the rest of the night away.

Day #31

Back to work in the dining room today and still tired from the antics from past two days. Today was the weekly shore dinner and was easier the second time round especially given the table of 8 ladies on their night out who were all very nice 😀


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