J1 Experience – Catch Up #4

July 9, 2009

Day #32

Another day of morning relaxtion at the beach before a hard days work in the dining room.

Day #33

Today is a big day at the club with the fireworks display taking place just off the beach for 4th of July. It is a day early due to the fact that the barge for fireworks is needed up in Boston the following day. We were luckily enough to finish work before the fireworks and do the quickest beer run and get to the beach in time. Below is a brief clip of some of the fireworks:

Day #34

My first 4th of July in the US of A!!!! Though I had to work in the dining room today, it was easy enough with it being BBQ Buffet it was over quickly enough and was able to get back to the house for some well earned 4th of July drinks ๐Ÿ˜€

Day #35

Double shift today and had to work in the Terrace and then had to do Cabana orders. Cabana Orders is where Members have pre-ordered food from the A La Carte menu early in the day and then we run up to the Cabana with the food at time allocated. Luckily I did not get lost once as there are well over 160 cabanas/lockers in the place. With us finishing early meant that our “weekend” could start.

Day #36

With it being a glorious day out, we headed to the beach and the pool, doing our hardest to get tanned ๐Ÿ™‚ In the evening we headed to the Cinema and got to see Transformers 2 which was good but a bigger fight scene and less comedy moments would have made it fantastic.

Day #37

Another greater day with temperature reaching 27oC. Also got a snooze in before heading out in the evening to Warehouse 5 which is a Nightclub. Nightclubs are hard to come by here with many bars having a small dance floor and music on all the time. It was a nice nightclub with it being on the waterfront and two large floor areas, VIP seats, rooms and Cabanas. Unfortunatly,only 2 hours in the fire alarm went off and everything had to stop but they kept everyone inside as it was a problem with a speaker. This also caused many people to believe the night was over and some left. There was a high use of strobe lighting which did not sit well for me after a while ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Day #38

Was able to get some sunshine in today before work but a thunderstorm stopped me enjoying a longer time in the sun but you can’t have it all. Shore dinner was on and there was also a party of 34 people also on for a Catholic Charity of some sort that a Member here promotes/donates money to. Unfortunatly, I was stuck behind the times when there set dinners were given out in the Kitchen and therefore my table of 10 were waiting 15 mins for their main course and they were not happy. After work we headed to the beach for a bit of social time, where some people decided to go for a late night swim.


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