J1 Experience – Catch Up #5

July 19, 2009

Day #39

Though  I was meant to work a double shift today, I was not needed and was able to get to my first Ball Game! It was the NY Mets Vs LA Dodgers. It was fantastic to be in the Mets new home stadium and even though they lost the whole experience was awesome 😀 The stadium is also really close with only a 20 min drive away. 10 of us went so was cramped in the 8 seater car with only 5 seats as the middle seats were removed so had 5 people on the floor of the car, you could feel every bump in the road.

Day #40 – # 42

Work, Work, Work for this week in both Dining room and Terrace with not much else going on with me being exhausted at the end of each day.

Day #43

With a busy week just done of nearly 48 hours, it was time to relax out the back and get my tan up 😀 and get some washing done also.

Day #44

To get a bit of culture it to me while I am in NY, I headed to NYC to visit Museums. I visited the Met, the Natural History museum, carnegie hall, St. Pat’s Cathedral and walked many streets and avenues of NYC. It was great to see some amazing paintings, animals and to learn something while I was here.

Day #45

Back to the grind stone again. With only 7 weeks left there is not much laying around anymore and need to get stuff done.


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