J1 Experience – Catch Up #6

August 4, 2009

No I have not been ignoring the blog but have been busy with work and trips away. To highlight events that have been done here they are:

Day #5o

Went to Jersey gardens today for a bit of shopping and when I mean a bit I mean a fair bit. It is a great place being a Shopping Mall/ Outlet store with it being tax free and indoors. The only thing is that it takes nearly 2 and half hours to get there, but well worth it. Spent a good few hours there and returned laden down with bags ^_^

Day #52

Half way mark!!!! Another 52 days to go. For those at home, I miss ye all and don’t worry we will be back soon and can’t wait to see ye all ^_^

Day #57 & 58

Went to Boston these both days which required us (15 people in all) tio be up and out of the house at 6:30am and didn’t get to Boston till 1:30pm. It was great craic in Boson visiting the aquarium, Cheers, getting wet under the fountains, going to Quincy Market, the time in the Hostel, going to Harvard and all the stuff in between. Unfortunately we had to do the 7 hour trip back to ABC but slept most of it so wasn’t too bad.

Day #59

After a few phone calls/emails from UCC this week about my Masters I have decided to do Biotechnology Masters which will start the week of 21st of September.

The Heffernan’s arrived in New York on Sunday of this week but with Neil and myself in Boston we didn’t meet up till Wednesday. It was great to see som familiar faces and another chance to say good bye to Bobby as he heads to SA for the next two years. We headed for a bite to eat and also took in some music in Times Square.

Day #65

Only another 35 days left here which I know will fly by so with plans to go to Washington DC, jump out of a plane, see more sights of NYC and do bit more shopping, I will have further updates.


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