Here I am again…

September 21, 2009

Spent the last 4 years in College with the aim of getting my degree (a piece of paper) and running as quick as possible out the college gates and out into the world of work but no. I am back in college for another piece of paper (Masters in Biotechnology). Yes the work will be more intense as I found out today with 50 credits of Lecture which are shorter than normal and a research work 40 credits that will take place from April till September.

Coming back from the States has meant that I am put back into a box with my freedom and independence taken away during it. However with the prospect of  doing the 6 month placement away from UCC with opportunities in Belfast and Spain and even further a field, it looks inviting (commitments will be the deciding point in where I go.) Yes, I do miss the States along with the people who I met there but that is inevitable after staying and working with people for 3 months.

Another upside of the course is that for the months of November and December I will have no college at all but with exams at the end of March and no study period to watch my favorite episodes of House it levels out the college time.


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