Comprehending Life…

October 29, 2009

There are too many ways to comprehend what life throws at you. The actions/sayings/travels that you take in life can be scrutinized by yourself in so many ways and can have so many meanings to you and a whole lot more of explanations can be seen by another person looking on your life.

The way you act or say things in a moment can define who you are and labelled for the future to come. But what about the actions/sayings/travels that you don’t take? Are these to be left below your surface and never see the light of day? Is this what your truly want to be and are too afraid to step up and out with?

My blog post have been of late considered as cryptic and I believe that they are in no way like that. This post comes off the bat of  the first sentence coming into my head and I continue to type in the hope that it might help someone out there in our small world and stir up questions in their life too.


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