Vision or Focus

January 14, 2010

Yes, it has once again been some time since I have blogged and put up a post but I had a lot of visiting, watching TV and resting over the Christmas holidays and I have now returned to college for my second term, which has hit me with the fact that in less than 9 weeks I start my exams which will come around fairly lively.

Over the past few weeks I have gone up and down on roller-coasters (metaphorically) in a lot of things. The main theme, however, that has been reoccurring is Focus. We all set out with having a vision for the year, which I have done but it seems that it could be obsolete with this new Focus I am to have. This I believe is not to really look out ahead on the vast horizon which is wide and no one in particular thing to head for. But with focus, it means to look at one thing/things that are right in front of you and not those that are far off and maybe unattainable. With so many things right now in front of me on my plate and everyone important, I need to divide my time more evenly and get myself more focused at the job in hand.


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