Procrastination…at its best!!!

January 18, 2010

Been procrastinating a lot recently now with the thought of the impending exams closer than normal as undergraduate exams were in May. I have been enjoying the return of all the TV series: Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, House and cannot wait for Lost to come back on to figure out what it all meant but I know they will leave us with so many questions to toy with us. Skins will also be coming up on e4 in the next month so will have many procrastinating options ahead of me.

Not only do I enjoy watching movies too. Over the holidays and the last few weeks I have watched too many but do pick only good ones to watch. 500 Days of Summer, Taking Woodstock, Sherlock Holmes, The Road, Brothers, Invictus, Harry Brown and probably a few more. All of those films are definite worth seeing and good way to burn a few hours.

You may say how do I get to watch all these things and continue on relativity well in college is because I normally do study/write up notes while watching the movie/TV on the laptop.  I do however, need to watch so many more movies and cannot wait for the summer when I get a chance to relax more and not study but then again will have my thesis nagging at me. Seems to be no rest for the wicked….


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