What it takes to be me…

January 25, 2010

As most of us know you are to live your own life and no else’s. This is very true as we never delve into the life of others enough to see what is deep in their life but we see the superficial outer life that we love to live. We see the cool cars and cash that they always seem to have. If we do go deeper we don’t like seeing the workings of how it actually comes about.

Being me means dealing with parents who will ask questions that you don’t want to answer. Being me means dealing with family politics. Being me means keeping different groups of people happy in different ways and not toppling the boat. Being me means spending the last 18 years in education system. Being me means changing what you think but still having a grounding. Being me means thinking about what the future holds for what others want and on the side what I want to do. Being me means thinking of what it will be like after you live it. Being me means having a great sense of balance. Being me means fighting with yourself on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Being me is being afraid of leaving people get to close. Being me is wanting so much but afraid of what it will cost me. Being me means living the last 23 years in my shoes.

Do you want to be me now???


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