Music Mash Up

February 7, 2010

I like to listen to music like every other person in the world. We all have our different tastes, to which one genre we will always head to and play first. Though I only have about 360 albums, it makes nearly 9 days of listening. I would love to have a lot more music and be able to have a more diverse library. For this reason, I got a user account so can listen to more music and if I really enjoy it I would be able to “go and buy” the album or whatever.

But its the fact that the song I have listened to most times on my laptop is Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós on the Takk album, 150 times. Now that might seem a lot but I never knew it would have been that song, thought it would have been a better song, then again I went through a stage of listening just to that album in the car over and over. Sigur Rós are a great band by the fact that I substitute in my own meaning of the words to the songs in how I feel. Watching the videos to these songs is also fantastic as brings the songs more to life and you get to see what the true meaning of the songs are by not knowing the language.

I never really stay in one genre of music but like music that my ears like. However, when I was young I liked all the Pop music of the 90’s. I then move

So what is your most listened to song on your mp3, iTunes or whatever music player you use?


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