Pursuit of…

February 8, 2010

To say that we never strive to be best at anything, is an understatement. We all want to be top of the class, shout from the mountain top and say we are number one. We don’t say it too loud on the way up that you will be the top is in case that we stumble and fall on the way and never achieve it. Then again you will always achieve your potential which seems to be like, “Well done, you did your best” and you come in second place.

For our MSc Biotechnology course, there is a prize of €2,000 for the student who gets the top marks in the class. Though you would love to get it, everyone knows whom will get this as its evident already so there is no reason to put that pressure on you but only to get a highest grade possible. I just hope that as I climb this mountain over the next 5 weeks of study that I won’t fall or trip and that I surpass the points that I have achieved over the past 4 years.


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