Scary Stuff O_o

February 9, 2010

My random act of kindness yesterday was helping my neighbour after her house was broken into when she was out. She had left her house to drop her kid to martial arts training and upon her return she noticed the door of her house ajar and when she got to the kitchen, drawers and cupboards had been opened and gone through. It was then she ran out of the house and called our house asking for my father, who was not in. She told me what happened and I said I would be down to her, as she wanted someone to check out the house.

I headed to the house where my neighbour was shook up. I went into the house and checked the rooms downstairs and upstairs too and saw the devastation that the burglars caused. They had gone through drawers, cupboards and wardrobes all in the hope of finding cash and presumably gold as this can now be sent into agencies for quick cash without consent. Games consoles, TVs, Laptops were all still there, untouched. After checking the house out, she called the Garda, who responded fairly quickly. The neighbour was only out of the house about an hour and half for all this to happen. I wanted around for the Gardai to come, make her a cup of tea make sure I was not needed for anything else.

This was not the only bugarlry to happen that night in the same time frame with a house around the corner being hit. They had gone out around the same time as my neighbour and returned to find their house all askew also. This recessionary tiger is beginning to show its teeth with houses being targeted.


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