Where Have You Gone?!?!?!

February 23, 2010

As I mentioned on Twitter last week I have not done a blog post in a while, mainly due to college work/study and being away for the past few weekends.

College is ramping up now with 2 assessments due and exams only 3 weeks away too. What is also ridiculous is the fact that lectures are running up to a week before the exams which blows my mind as anything you learn in the last week before exams is rarely studied as you have prepared yourself on the rest of the course. The exams that I will be dealing with are:

Cell and Molecular Biology
Genetic Engineering
Modern Methods in Analytical Chemistry
Functional Foods for Health
Advanced Molecular Microbial Biotechnology
Biopharmaceuticals; Formulation Design, Secondary Processing and Regulatory Compliance
Bioprocess Engineering
Plant Genetic Engineering

Not only is saying the name of some of these modules are hard but learning them is a lot more so. But not to worry I am not stressed at all over them (*Lie*) as I have been taking time off away in Achill and Tralee over the last two weekends ^_^

The trip to Achill was to reminisce the last time we had made the trip which we realized was not even 3 years ago which we felt was a lot longer ago. But we had a great time of drinking, chatting and having the craic, and lets not forget the total driving time of 11 hours.

The trip to Tralee was for my Great Aunt’s Anniversary mass of one year. This was a great weekend of staying in Tralee, like I did during my childhood. 40 Brosnans took on Tralee with drinking, eating and more drinking. While we were in Tralee, I managed to capture this in a pub down there.

It was great to see my Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and 2nd Cousins all enjoying the time together. It was great also with getting my own room at the Manor West Hotel in Tralee which was at a bargain of  €40 B&B which was because there was so many of us there with a possibility of many more. It seems that we will be going down each year and not because it was the first anniversary which would be great.


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