From Passion to the Pit

February 26, 2010

This is not a blog post on the band Passion Pit, whom I think are fantastic, especially the tune The Reeling. I heard of the band when I was over in the USA and brings back memories of the summer. Less of that and will move onto the actual post.

From time to time, we can be on the top of the world and be full on passionate for something in our life. Then all of a sudden the rug gets pulled out from under our feet and we go tumbling down into a pit and that passion feels as if it gets extinguished with a feeling of never being relit.

Thinking about this I think we never go tumbling back down but rather we have stayed in the same point to long and things become mundane and nothing new or exciting comes along to fuel the passion. We get so use at where we are and don’t like change so we don’t pursue on further as we have used all our energy to get this far. I believe that we should not stop and get comfortable as we become lazy and tired as our energy is sapped at this lower levels of passion. We need to continue up the levels with some stops but with eyes always on the target and a greater passion than we would ever comprehend.

So whatever is your passion is, get up of your ass and do something that makes that passion real once more in your life.


One Response to “From Passion to the Pit”

  1. Well… that’s amazing but frankly i have a hard time seeing it… wonder how others think about this..

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