A Break From Reality…

March 5, 2010

A holiday is what I really need at the moment as the summer once again comes around. With all the sun blazing down at home, though lack of heat, I would love to be just lying on the grass and taking some time out but once again I am studying for exams. Last summer on the J1 was my first real independent holiday of more than 2 weeks to a place with sun, sand and sea, and it was fantastic. But once again, placement will block my chances of getting away but will definetly need to get away during the weekends etc. to hopefully far off places (those not in Ireland) so that I can actually see some good cities. It seems to be a trend of those in college which is the fact that placement destroys all possibilities of a social life with yourself wanting to be fresh and ready for work.

With late October being the chance of me being free from college once more, I have a long way to go but I hope it will be worth the wait as I plan to go somewhere/anywhere in the month of November but may have to hold out till January if I have other people wanting to join me.


3 Responses to “A Break From Reality…”

  1. Subsky Says:

    I have read your post but I’m still a little confused. Did I understand it correctly that the next decent vacation you are going to have might only be on November or even January?

    Also, it would be nice to know what do you consider to be a good city? 🙂

    • pandaalan Says:

      Yup as it is not recommended to take a holiday while on placement which I will be from April till October. October will be my write up of thesis and presentations. So November could be the earliest break for me.

      Regarding a good city…The capitals of Europe mainly like Paris, London, Barcelona, Brussels etc.

      • Subsky Says:

        Now THAT is what I would call a sad reality. Hopefully time will pass quickly for you to get that long awaited vacation.

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