When People Are Doing It Better Than You…

March 13, 2010

The thing that they are doing better is not what you might think (dirty minds!) but rather living life. This to me, is seen by people planning trips away to far-flung places, working in a different country for the summer, going to oxygen, going out every other night, getting married, having kids and everything in between 😉

I seem to hate planning down the line but would rather prefer to know what is happening in the next month or two not what I will be doing when it comes to 2011. I do have an idea what I would like to do but it seems that whatever it might be never comes true. So whatever I would like to do this summer more than likely won’t come true but is rather a fantasy of how a summer I would like.

I however, would like to add that I will try to break out of this mould by moving out this summer from April till September in the hope of having a good summer while I work but as exams are blocking a lot of planning/talking with others opportunities, it will have to wait another week or two before decisions are finally made.


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