On Starter’s Orders

July 13, 2010

We hear the starter’s gun go-off and with it the ringing in our ears as we jump unknowningly into the waters below. Life starts and so does the race, to swim, as fast, as long as possible in the aim to get there first.

We keep our head under the water in effort to get there quicker. At times we struggle to keep the pace and must come up for air and by doing so we fall behind.

We struggle with the waves, the current, the cold and the fear of not getting there. Someone shouts ahead and is not heard, not waited for, feared that they will hold them up in the race.

But where is there? We all set out together but seem to swim in circles not knowing where to go. We look out on the horizon and not a thing is seen. Someone sets the pace for us to keep but do we let one person decide or go into it together.

We need to be united together, aiming for the one thing, help each other along, when one falls back we all wait till they are ready. We all begin to swim in our own directions in life but we need to swim closely together as we all aim to get there.


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