What is Love?

July 19, 2010

L-O-V-E: I have been asked: What is Love? The simple answer to say is that it is a 4 letter word, made up of two vowels and two constants. Another easy answer to give is that it is 1 Corinthians 13. But neither of these really sums up Love.

To try and question What is Love? leaves an opening to Why Love? How do you Love? Where does Love come from? When was Love thought of? To capture Love is to begin a chain of an unending list of questions.

From these questions there are plenty of answers covering so many levels of love. In order to be specific on Love for another person and to answer it in that context I will give my opinion.

Love is being devoted;

Love is cherishing every moment;

Love is liking the little things;

Love is being close;

Love is more than hormones;

Love is living;

Love is a flurry of the heart;

Love is bringing a smile;

Love is yearning;

Love is never wanting to say goodbye;

Love is more than a fuzzy feeling;

Love is wanting to be;

Love is not fearing the future;

Love is never ending;

Love is what I have for you;

Love is never letting go;

Love is knowing;

Love is.

And always will be.


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