Life is but a breath

November 21, 2010

Life can be snuffed out by taking ones breath away but life is a lot deeper than that. Life should not be summed up as a breath of two oxygen molecules that are bonded together that float in a see of Nitrogen and other gaseous molecules but should be of what you as a person compose it to be of.


We all accumulate material goods but we also accumulate parts of a jig-saw which join together to make a picture of life. In some cases, we pick up some parts and try to force them into place in the jig-saw which sticks out like a sore thumb only to not only you but to others also. It is when we leave that jig-saw piece in place that it begins to hurt an this piece knocks off others.


Some people however notice that the piece does not fit in correctly and remove to find the correct piece that suits in the picture of life. What can be further destructive in life is that as you complete your jig-saw of life, you can begin to complete two parts of the jig-saw before compiling the both together which can result in two focuses of life building one quicker than the other, in the hope of achieving one life that will succeed quicker then pulling the two together and keeping your life the way it was in the bigger jig-saw part created.



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