Hard Knock Life

January 14, 2011

In our youth we come through it with many scrapes, bruises, knocks and bumps but the thing is, is that we come though it and out the otherside. We may have thought that it would be our last day, last hour, last minute, never to see another day.

We do see another day dawning but as we grow older we unfortunately don’t get the bumps, bruises and knocks anymore but come into a life of blows, knock-downs as aspects of life are squashed and squeezed which will never see the light of day and not making it to the future. We then wish and remember that all we did get was a bruise or even a bump which we now have forgotten. Yes life comes with all the hard moments of being winded, brought down a peg or two. We must have been doing something right if we are making head way which forces a step back.

I feel I need to cover myself and say that this is not true for all but these are random thoughts that spring up within me which leads me to blog about.


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