Windows Mist

March 14, 2011

So I will again start this blog post giving my utmost apologies for the lack of postings…Very Deja Vu of me ^_^ It seems however, that though getting ideas of titles but no content (pity blog posts don’t work like that lol)

Though I have a thought of what to post about, a mist has covered what to write about, with only getting glimpses of what to blog….Despite this mist I will power on and produce adequate ramblings from a Panda ^_^

What does it take to see the trees from the forest??

We get surrounded by a lot of clutter in life, options to take and paths to walk and in many cases we tend to split ourselves in all ways to conquer the ground, to gain much but in many cases lose direction, never being on a sole journey or purpose. This is difficult in life when we are told, ushered to take all options just in case we don’t like a specific avenue. We should begin to not open our ears but open our brains and hearts, to think of what is best and not what makes things better.

As we move on through our lives, it is time to focus ourselves on what is life long and worth holding onto that gives us the greatest reward and happiness. Everyday is a weighting game…worth doing versus worth giving up….Yes, it can be hurtful but as long as you begin to see the trees in the forest, you see which ones are full of life and not draining.


I hope to have stronger and less rambling posts up again, bear with me ^_^



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