Life For Others

April 22, 2011

Looking at the page in front of me, is a white blank canvas, waiting to express my words, thoughts, meanings, attitudes of life to inspire, encourage and grow others around me. However, the page is all these things when left blank allowing others to express these towards their others around them. How then can I express mine when I really want others to express theirs?

A dilemma forms when we want to be heard but should firstly listen. Would we be destined then for a vacuum of silence if we all listened and no one spoke? But there is always something to be listened too. It is the silent witness of life that sees us all and speaks to us but decide to ignore and reject its being as what may come would hurt preventing us from the life we live and the decisions directions and path we want to live.

Our life has never been our own. We never would be without out it being given to us by our parents. We never could be without them. How much more then can we live our lives when it is never own? We can never live life without others, for without others life is not living. Furthermore, we can never give our life away. We never wish to give our lives away for we want to live and never die. Life is given to us and can be taken away from us. It is important that what we do in life with others because without people, life would be nothing. People allow you to live life.


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