Where do you think God is?

June 2, 2011

“Okay, first of all, you do not need the law, or a priest, or your mother to make your wedding real (or any type of relationship) . And the church can be anywhere you want it to be: in a field, on a fountain, right here in this room, anywhere. Because where do you think God is? C’mon now! He’s in you, he’s in me, he’s right here between us. Now your (catholic) church hasn’t caught up to God yet. Your mother (People) hasn’t caught up to God yet. And, by the way, they may not ever catch up.”

I heard this from Grey’ Anatomy White Wedding episode and changed a few words (in brackets) around to make it like what I was thinking after I head it. That it isn’t that God hasn’t caught up with what people are doing and living, it is that people haven’t caught up with God.

I also like that God is in the relationship between each other where ever you are and not in a certain building.


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